Don Shumaker Lures
A unique blend of glands that is extremely attractive to all coyotes also good for fox and bobcats.
Formulated by Don Shumaker blended, bottled and sold exclusively by Joe Mast Lures.
A deadly mix of oils and musk's that attracts all predators.  A superb change up, curiosity lure at flat sets in hot or cold weather or can be used as a mild call lure when placed above any set.
A Don Shumaker product that was formulated by master lure maker Mike Marsyada.  Use a small gob at sets. Bottled and sold exclusively by Joe Mast Lures.
Put a generous smear up 6 feet or so on a limb, bush, post, etc. near your set or sets.  Formulated by Don Shumaker blended, bottled and sold exclusively by Joe Mast Lures.
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Joe Mast Trapping Bait
Don Shumaker
Quite often in the past half century I have been called upon to remove stock killing coyotes in areas where I have trapped, snared and called before.  Also, some of these coyotes have had experiences with hobby trappers and are somewhat educated to sets and smells.  Coyotes become wary of the same old smells and can be very difficult to catch.
Being as I get paid to kill coyotes and stop livestock losses, I have to produce dead coyotes!  For quite some time I formulated and tested various change up lures that would aid me in catching some of these sly and shy critters.  I finally settled on the 3 lures that my friend Joe Mast now bottles and sells.  These lures work or I would never put them up for sale.  I’m not a lure and bait maker, I’m a trapper whose income has depended on animals caught and killed, whether for fur or ADC work.
I’m not about to claim that these lures are the greatest – but I can promise you that they produce and have been tested by some real trappers all over the U.S.  Whether you are a professional or a recreational trapper, these lures can be beneficial to you.  These are long lasting, heavy bodied lures, not tinctured, water down junk.  There are no “fillers” in these lures.

Predator Supreme
A blend of fresh predator glands with 1 powerful ingredient added that has proven very deadly on coyotes.  On our first trial run with this lure we made 5 blended in flat sets on 4 farms using only this at the sets in August.  In a week we took 4 adult coyotes.  A professional trapper from Michigan sent me a photo of an adult female caught in the snow at a set lured with this that had ben out in the harsh weather for 6 weeks.  A well known eastern professional sent a photo of a red fox caught on it. Although not in use for long, this lure has taken a number of bobcats and gray fox.  I don’t believe in hype boys, the “proof is in the pudding”!  Use this at dirtholes, peep holes and flat sets.

End Game
Sometimes a curiosity type lure will catch predators that don’t appear to be interested in gland lures or urine.  A smear of Trails End on a bone, skull or one of O’Gorman’s grab and die sticks will get a predator’s attention.  This lure, a powerful blend of musks and oils was created by the highly respected trapper and lure maker, Mike Marsyada.  Mike is one of the most knowledgeable men that has ever been in the trapping “smell” business.  Over the years I have caught many coyotes, foxes and bobcats on this tried and true lure, along with other furbearers.

Last Call
Most real predator trappers know the value of a good long distance call lure.  An effective call lure will often bring a rambling predator in closer to one of your sets that may have been missed for one reason or another.  Skunk essence has most always been the most widely used ingredient for call lures.  Mixed in with melted down petroleum jelly and allowed to solidify, it has been a winner for sure.
In real cold weather the jelly base becomes hard and brittle, which causes difficulty in getting a gob of it to stick to limbs, post or brush you want it to be one.  Also, skunk essence alone has been overused in some areas that are trapped regularly. 
I wanted a LDC lure that was a different smell and texture as a back up.  Several of us “old heads” got together and thus “Last Call” was born.  It remains soft and very sticky in cold weather, making it easy to apply.  Skunk essence was blended in with another loud, strong smelling predator attractor that gives it a unique smell.  It works and works well.
Being as I getting well advanced in years I wanted these lures to be available to other trappers long after I am gone.  There is no way I would ever get in the lure and bait making business so I had to find someone whom I could trust to put these lures up as good or better than I can.  Joe Mast is that man.  He is a honest man, a stickler for details and not a “fly by night” type that many of us older boys have seen come and go.  I have used his predator urines for several years now and have to say that it is the purest, cleanest urine that I’ve ever seen come out in a bottle.  Joe is top notch and I’m proud to have him put up and sell my lures.

Good Luck To All of You!
Don Shumaker
A Note from Don Shumaker:
Don Shumaker Lures
Don Shumaker Lures
$14 - 2 ounce jar